Monday, September 8, 2014

Session TWO HBOT Annihilate Multiple Sclerosis

My 9:00 am appointment was challenged by the massive flooding on all the streets. Appearantly today was the 100 year flood and up to 6 inches of rain showered the Valley. With two roads closed and detouring all around, while still raining hard enough to use my wipers and the defogger for the car windows.  The schools closed too!  And a big truck showered my car from the depth of the flood,big enough to cover the whole car and blind the visibility. I was becoming flustered and I was only going 20 mph, and I was late arriving! But the staff was very happy to see me arrive safely. It is a good thing I left early, thinking I would be early, right...

I spoke to Dr. Matt about the pain in my right ear and how it radiated over and under my right eye from my first session.  He said it may be from sinus blockage and experiencing the cold symptom is a reaction to this.  He also said if it is to painful, I should not continue.

I kept my mouth shut about the ear drum being broke in the flood of 72.  How ironic that were in the same weather, rain and massive flooding.  We experienced so much rain last night, my empty 9 ft diving pool filled up on the deep end from rain..  My pool needs to be fixed and that is a whole other bag of bones I got to deal with,  because I have to fix me first!

I began the treatment at 9:16 am and stayed in the chamber till 11:00 am.  The first 7 minutes the pain flared up in my right ear and again ran across the right side of my face and down the right side of my neck.  It was chronic! I know because I looked at my cell phone for the time to keep a personal record.  After the 7 minutes, I sighed a huge relief, because the sharp throbbing pain stopped.  This is good for me to know, that the pain stops!  I was asked over the weekend by a person from Facebook what the Dr. set the psi on?  Well today I asked, and the psi is 4.

You want to see what I see when the chamber is being double zipped? 
 Okay, video from the cell phone inside the Hbot Chamber.

This is the reservoir that is to collect rain water, it filled up and flooded onto the road. The Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer has declared a State of Emergency, it is a lot of rain.  While in the chamber my daughter sent a photo of the grandbabies wading in the water on their back patio, I would post but they're in their underwear.  She also shared a photo of the ceiling that fell to the floor from the rain .. Lots of damage!

Annihilate Multiple Sclerosis Challenge!

I shared the first AMS Challenge Video that Gail made with Dr Matt on my cell phone, and everyone laughed and loved it.  Blown away!  Some did say it was to long. Because about 40 seconds left on the video they had to get back to work. So, I will ask the amazing teenager whom directed, recorded and uploaded the video, if she can edit and make the presentation 2 minutes or less. But if not, this is okay and it is perfect. Do you want to see it?  I crack up laughing, and it is because, I know Gail is crazy.   However, once you know this, then you will know that Gail is ALL HEART!   

Gail did this!  And she posted on Facebook and donated money too! I love her so much. She is helping me and she is one of my besties for supporting me and a major player on my M.S. team. Which is Me, the Dr, and all of you, AND GOD!  
So if you do take the AMS challenge and share your video with me, I will blog it too!  Please do.. It is fun..and people will ask what it is? A MS Challenge!  Annihilate Multiple Sclerosis!