Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Personal note

Monday afternoon I fell into a deep exhaustive sleep and a bit of melancholy.  Why does it happen?
My legs were paralyzed for 4 hours and I laid in the bed, and like a long plane ride, I chose to close my eyes. I slept hard and when I woke up it was going on 8:00 pm. It was a challenging weekend for me physically and mentally and  Monday afternoon.  I absolutely hate that M.S. not only affects me, but my family too.
It should have been an enthusiastic and fun weekend because my youngest grand daughter turned four years old today, September 15th.  But instead I stayed home. I looked at photos and watched a video from the cell phone from Saturdays birthday party with her peers.  Depressing for me for sure.
I am going in for my 4th and 5th Hbot this new week. Tuesday and Wednesday.  Keeping faith that I am doing the right thing. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is outside of the box medical treatment for Multiple Sclerosis, I have to try. right?

I am a OUTLANDERS fan.  If you are too, let me know.
I made this for the #outlanderswedding that is this Saturday. And it is also my oldest grand daughters birthday too.  Charli will be 16 years old this Saturday.