Friday, October 3, 2014

My first 9-Day Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse Testimony

When my friend Jacquelyn Cummings called me, back in the summer of 2006, she knew I was searching for a solution. The DMD's ''disease modifying drugs'', I was prescribed and using, were adversely affecting my liver.
Suffering from serious ill health that affected my central nervous system, brain and spine and vision and speech. I was spiraling downward so fast I could not recognize myself.  I also suffered from long term fatigue, even eating drained me of to much energy.  When I was awake, I was foggy brained.  I was fighting for my life and suffered with chronic depression.
When my friend asked me if I could help her and be her person, I was afraid.  I was afraid I wouldn't be much help, but I knew I could trust her on her recommendation for product.  And it didn't matter, she was my friend, of course I would help her and she wanted to help me too.

When I went to the website and over came my sticker price shock, I definitely signed up to get the 30 percent discount for my first purchase and agreed to using the products for at least 90 days.  My first purchase was the 9 day cleanse and I figured I would do a 9 day cleanse once a month for my liver.
Jacquelyn told me the cleanse would cleanse my liver from toxins.

It was not easy for me.  I could not count or keep track or stay on task or get out of bed with out banging around like a drunkard.

Buying 10 six packs of water to use for the cleanse, I had them stacked up and each day I would make sure I finished a six pack of water.
A shake in the morning, and the evening and what ever I wanted to eat at lunch.  I really didn't follow the rules of cooking healthy.  I think I enjoyed tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  But then it was not to long for me to figure out that lunch was my dinner and my second shake was for my sweet tooth.  If you use less water and more ice you make a ice cream by blending the shake a little bit longer. Like a Tastee Freeze~

On the 5th day of my cleanse my grand daughter noticed I was not using my cane to walk and I was walking independently.  I then took notice too.  I too was aware, and it was as if my brain went through a car wash.  The brain fog releasing and my brain circuits were getting renewed.  I treated the remaining days like a science project.  I was skeptical and I was afraid to be optimistic.  It is a horrible thing feeling like a zombie, but that is how this disease traps you, and I was afraid to fall back into the darkness.

I ate healthier lunches on day six and day seven.  And the last two days of the cleanse was my second bottle of cleanse for life.  I was a bit panic about the day 8 and the day 9.  Recalling the pain I experienced from day 1 and day 2, my whole body screamed and my brain was exploding with a migraine. I almost did not make it except that I spent so much money and my liver was my reason for the cleansing.  I figured liver disease would be worse than a cleanse for sure.

Julie Newell who sponsored Jacquelyn and was also a friend called me often and reminded me to go to bed and drink my water and how many days I had left.  Stubbornness and pride, I stayed in bed but I did drink my water and I did drink the cleanse for life as recommended.

Still the fear of day 8 scared me crazy thinking about the sufferage.  And stubborn pride and knowing I would just stay in bed and drink my water and drink my cleanse and then it would be done.

But what was amazing,  and I never left my home,  because I was a shut in.  I never exercised.  I just cleansed.  My weight loss was 14.25 pounds and my inch loss was 9.5 inches and my cane was not needed... . While it was not my intent to release weight,  I was asked to measure and weigh first before beginning and I was told it would be my 9 day testimony.  I am glad I measured and weighed myself before I began. Because I would not have believed it. But it is true. In 9 days I did this. And I did not worry if I did or did not release weight. I wanted to cleanse my liver.

Then I figured out how to make it work in my budget and once I omitted foods that were dumb, I transferred that money to foods that were smart.  Every day for 8 years I have had a undenatured shake.  Undenatured is key to this formula.  Not purchased in any stores and not any fillers or hormones or antibiotics either.  This shake is the only shake that works for me.  Every day, unless I am cleansing and only the cleanse for life will I use, because it is nutritional. There is another product too that I will not go a day with out and it is the ionix supreme.  It fights inflammation!  Needless to say I have inflammation from the challenge.  If your ill health please do a shake a day and a ounce of ionix supreme or two.  I have been using these products for 8 years now,  to manage my challenge.  When I know my brain is being foggy I do a cleanse and release the toxins that exaggerate the disease.  It is not easy in the beginning. And I cannot function with out the nutrition or the nutritional cleansing.  

Christina Thompson
Annihilating Multiple Sclerosis.

JULY of 2014  I relapsed and using everything I knew to release the Multiple Sclerosis from previous relapses were not manifesting.  I researched and discovered Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.  So now I am using ISAGENIX and HBOT to treat Multiple Sclerosis.