Saturday, October 18, 2014


    Remembering Melinda M. Garcia. R.I.P. Sweet Lady. In the fall of 2006, Gail Levine called me and told me about a bed ridden single mother named Melinda. She was concerned because Melinda asked her about ISAGENIX. Concerned because Melinda was very ill and in her death bed. Her Physicians gave her two months to live if she did not amputate her diabetic leg. Some of you may remember Melinda on the Wednesday Evening Team Call and heard Melinda share her story. She was shy... and anxious. Melinda also was diagnosed with LUPUS and she had two symmetrical tumors on each side of her abdomen. She could not walk period because she was very OBESE and lived in her hospital bed located in her living room 24/7. Gail visited because she was home schooling Melinda's only son. Because Gail was releasing inches .. Melinda asked "HOW?" And because Gail has a big sign on her car with her website, anyone can go and investigate at leisure. While I was advising Gail to give literature to Melinda to give to her Private Care Physician "PCP" and while on the telephone talking. Gail got the alert that someone ordered a Isagenix 30 day nutritional cleansing system from her website and that someone was Melinda! I believe our jaws dropped simultaneously.. We called her immediately! Melinda's goal was to live long enough to see her son graduate from High School the following year. After two 30 day nutritional cleanses prior to the suggested amputation, her leg was spared. According to what Melinda told us. The legs wound was clear and healing. When I met Melinda, she was living life! She told me the tumors, both of them were gone and had medical papers showing she had them and then a year later she didn't. She was dating too! Oh and she did attend her Sons High School Graduation in 2007..
    But now she has died, 8-years later, and were sad beyond reason. So grateful she was apart of our ISAGENIX family.