Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Forty 90 minute Multiple Sclerosis Treatments MS

Imagine having a short circuit in your electrical system. Sometimes you have an okay connection and sometimes you don't. So you tape some electrical tape around all the areas that have the electrical short.  
With M.S. this short can happen any time without notice and on any area of your internal nervous system, and we have no electrical tape!
Vision, motor skills, speech, energy, and even swallowing can be a mishap.  The worse case would be if the connection does not reconnect. This is terrifying to me. I don't even want to go there.

My symptoms: 

 Paralysis of different body parts & limbs when I wake up in the morning, awake from a nap, or if I am at "still" for too long.  If I have been enclosed inside of a car for too long I will start having paralysis.  More progressive on the right half of my body and I have drop foot.
 I have issues with my speech, the slurring of my words and cognition. I cannot remember words or verbally communicate. Of course my 4 year old and 2 year old grand babies understand my slur perfectly. 
My balance has been affected.  
My feet and calves and arms and hand and right side of my face feel like they are on fire, are stiff, having the pins and needles with intermittent relief.. sometimes my toes spasm too and curl upward. It's bizzarre!
I am  seriously fatigued.  When I am still and I lay down, my body spasms. My jaw occassionally locks and yes my ability to drink water or eat is scary because once in awhile it stops working. And I choke.
 I have intermittant intense tremors & twitches, where parts of my body start shaking or they start moving without my control. 
And I have optical migraines, two to three times a week. 
Double vision, vertigo, and falling down from tripping over my drop foot. I think the artist Picaso had Optical Migraines.

All of the above symptoms have been actively attacking me since July 2014 and this is why I am manifesting 40 M.S. treatments/therapy as soon as possible!I am concerned with the changes I am experiencing and yes I am doing all that I can. These new symptoms are so different. They're more exasburated than the norm and lasting longer.
Progressive has a totally different connotation when your talking about M.S.  
If you know me, you know that I love learning and I am sad that I was forced to stop my classes again just a few weeks ago.
 M.S. always interupts my good intentions, like murphies.  But I am not giving up and I know I will pick my lessons back up when I can. It may take me 150 years to complete my training too. Good thing I love learning! 
 I believe the body is the miracle and I believe it can heal itself and I am fighting for it.  I do every day.

I have researched and I am excited to learn about:
Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis.Restoring my optimism, restoring my faith and it is non toxic and does not harm animals and has a proven success rate at remission and releasing M.S. symptoms!

I am manifesting the cash for 40 M.S. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy/Treatmentss.  And this is not a temporary treatment, it is long term for life therapy.  Like eating healthy every day. 

My norm is to be silent and suffer alone in privacy. My norm is to share positive energy and support others! To Pay it Forward! 
And this is me letting go. Letting go of my ego and letting go of my false pride.

It is recommended that I spend 90 minutes every day inside the hyperbaric oxygen chamber to treat Multiple Sclerosis.  And a minimum of 40 treatments is required of me at another facility not covered by any insurance.  In fact, all my M.S. therapy and treatments come out of my personal finances.  The biggest challenge, besides the cost, is traveling to an outside facility. 
I don't know what else to say except--

''Thank you very much for helping me make this happen......
....................Friends helping me, helps me!''  

A minimum of 40 sessions, forty days back to back, going to the facility.   http:Click Here Now
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