Saturday, October 4, 2014

Scottish Poetry Library

Today is National Poetry Day!
Edinburgh has inspired many writers over the years. Have you got a poem about the city to share? Let the good folks over at Enjoy Edinburgh know about it
.Happy is the Man
Happy is the man who knows that little is more than enough.
He is deaf to the hindrance of plenty.
He herds, with the crosier of his mind, all his eggs in one place. 
Each a bonnie blue phoenix, they bide their time for him.
He commends their worlds to light.
He fastens their teguments with the sphere of his experience,
he knots each entire with a pearl at its pole.
He prepares and polishes glass mansions
for them to nest, he nudges them home
as if they were orphan patches of snow.
Their law is his delight.
He burnishes their skies to rise without cumulous,
he rinses the colours of their rainbows, he bevels their anxieties,
he scales the mole-hills of their volcanoes.
Every one for him will flourish, as sweetness in a desert,
as wrens in spring. He preserves their small peals of self.
They are whirlpools, clustering at his touch,
he winds their orbits, not one is set squint,
he pilots their kingdoms to scroll through the elements.
He pastures them amongst the flowers of Munros, 
he hides them in the branches of olives.
Happy is he who knows that little is more than enough.
His raw bracts will prosper a cream of catkins.
He is a shepherd, his sheep are his eternities.