Thursday, October 16, 2014

Angels Guide Me-- R.I.P. Melinda Maria Garcia


Angels guide me 
Angels I know Are close beside me
My angels protect me in the day
And in the night
My angels love me unconditionally
They send signs when life’s curves
Come at anytime.
Angels I dream of late at night
My angels are beautiful with hair of gold
And eyes so blue and bright –
Skin so soft and light
Wings open up big wide
Pearl white and bright
Angels bring feelings of peace, love and joy
They are there when storms of life
Attack at the wrong time
At times especially of despair
Angels come to heal you from life’s misfortune of Sickness  - physical, mental and emotional
Angels come to comfort you through the lord’s helpers
They never fail you, especially when you’re in pain,
Despair, depression or When anxiety and panic attacks you or When a loved one leaves you to go to heaven with Jesus
The angels come to direct you towards the light
Don’t be scared The angels let you know when IT’S TIME
You hear the music softly, peacefully singing
Gentle tunes of love, peace and comfort
Angels are God’s gift of love
To help us with everyday life
To guide us to the light when its Time to go home…
~ Melinda Maria Garcia