Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Session- FOUR Hbot Treatment- I did something different.

I did something very different from the past three treatments.  It is no secret that the first 7 minutes is a pain that has caused me to question, "If I can do this?"  And knowing the pain stops has kept me in the chamber.  However I do not like this pain, it really hurts!

Before I left to go to my appointment I did my normal routine.  I had a Isalean Protein Shake, a A.M. multivitamin pack and an ounce of Ionix supreme.  I also had completed drinking16 ounces of pure water.  All this takes me to my next decision.  I am ready to go and I am afraid because I had such a horrible weekend.  I had fours hours of paralysis's yesterday and I am scared.  Scared and second guessing my choice to not use the DMD 'disease modifying drugs'  that by the way cost up to $15,000 a month and causes secondary health challenges too, like liver damage.  My whole objective is to fight Multiple Sclerosis with Isagenix and Prayer and Happiness and now Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.  Well, I did this day different, I prayed of course!  But before I left my home, I took a Excedrin Migraine and a generic over the counter all day allergy pill.  Remember the pain is in the sinus cavities and the right ear where my ear drum was ruptured.  Jen Ann spoke to me about this and she identified it as a 'eustachian tube dysfunction.''  Jen Ann, is another friend who has missed summer due to health challenges and wakes up after dark because the sun has set.  Lets face it, we walk like Zombies and only come out at night like Vampires.  Because, the sun burns us.  My daughter said maybe Zombies and Vampires were created from some one with Multiple Sclerosis?! I have to laugh at the irony and yes,  Multiple Sclerosis is a Monster.

It was amazing and all I could think of was how amazing it was. ''Thank you Excedrin Migraine and Equa line OTC all day allergy...'' Then it appeared for about two minutes I felt the sharp pain in my ear drum, but I did not feel it radiate out to the jaw, the cheek and brow, the neck, the whole right side of my head and neck. I did not feel this, even though I knew it was happening.  I CAN DO THIS!

Before I entered into the chamber, I was slurring my words and unbalanced, and well pretty much the way I have been since June.  But today after 90 minutes, I stood unassisted and I was able to talk clear.  Not my best voice, but better!  Dr Matt is very happy and amazed.  I told him today about my ear drum being ruptured decades ago and confessed I took drugs before leaving my home..  Hey, he is learning too.  I go back again tomorrow.

Thank you everyone I love you!