Saturday, September 13, 2014

Prayer Warriors - SOS -I know in my heart that Multiple Sclerosis can be released.
I have my next Dr appointment on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday next week. Then I don't know how I will continue to do the daily treatments? I have set future appointments for every Wednesday; but I am required to go every day.  I do not have the funds to do this.  No funds.  Selling Isagenix to cover my personal cost in nutrition for eight years has not created enough funds to pay for therapy. I have always said that if Isagenix didn't offer a referral fee, I would still choose, Isagenix.  I know that had I not did their nutritional cleanse eight years ago I would be in a long term care facility and on the liver transplant list!  Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing,  saved my liver.  Liver damage from Multiple Sclerosis DMD. Disease Modifying Drugs.  

I know in my heart that Multiple Sclerosis can be released.

Artist: Tom Peters.
This cartoon is how I walk.  My right arm and hand spasms and fist up. My right leg steps high so I don't trip from my right foot. And sometimes I drag my right leg around like a wet log.  I joke about it.  Calling it the MS Zombie walk.  But it is not really funny at all. It is painful.  It takes a lot of energy too.   I have not ever been so public about my MS challenges, ever.  I usually sit at home quietly and post only happy positive messages to the cyber world.  But I am tired of being sick and tired.  And I have tried building wealth and it created enough to pay for my products.  I also get so depressed if  I compare myself to another .. I cannot do this. It spirals me down as fast.  And I am way past the ''blame game.'' Or the "I wish" conundrum.  I am fighting with honesty and raw vulnerability and using all the resources available ..and I fear I am losing.  The Multiple Sclerosis has not released.  So I ask for Prayers. I ask for WHOLE HEALING and I am NOT GIVING UP.

Fear of Loss is the #1 motivator to Act. I am doing what I can do!
And I am asking for Help.

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