Friday, September 5, 2014

SESSION ONE HBOT Annihilate Multiple Sclerosis

I will be posting updates as I move forward and towards completing the 40 Hbot sessions. Some of you may be interested?
I am unable to climb into the chamber without assistance and I walk like a Zombie dragging my right leg and I have drop foot.  My whole right side of my body including my tongue is  M.S. paralyzed. So yeah, Zombie.
This morning was my first treatment and the pressure hurt my right ear, jaw, neck etc,. and under and over my right eye. I pondered if I could do this? I chose to endure it until I couldn't. Finally the pain subsided and I found a comfortable position inside the chamber and I took this cell phone selfie and I was thinking ''I wish my Mom was alive and with me." Probably not the best thought since I have a fear of feeling trapped. So I psyched my logic in truth. There is a big zipper. A new hashtag #AMS  Annihilating Multiple Sclerosis! I like this plan!
After the 90 minute session, I did not notice any major improvement and I did fall into my ritual coma nap after 3 pm today which lasted 4 hours. I have a headache, more painful on my right side and my legs are heavy and feeling the burn. I was expecting to feel amazing and this did not happen.
Today's visit cost $300.00 cash because it was my first visit and there were intake questions. Next week I go back for two 90 minutes Hbot sessions on Monday and Wednesday. Another $300.00 and I should be going every day but it is what I am able to do now.#GRATITUDE

The weariness of Multiple Sclerosis ..... I am so tired.

This was recorded before the M.S. attacked me I am so glad
I sent a ''Thank you'' Video on my cell phone.
 I did not know I would be using it to Fight MS.

Seriously painful