Thursday, September 4, 2014


It is 12 noon on Thursday and I am bone tired .. I have done very little to be this fatigued.
There is a t.v. show called EXTANT and it has a robot boy named Ethan.  
He runs on batteries and when the bad guy took his energy cell packs out.  Ethan looks up and says "My power is low." and he was out.
This is exactly how Multiple Sclerosis is. Only we do not get new cell power packs put into our back.
Every bit of energy in my body is on reserve and when I use any task it takes 5 times more than a healthy person.  That is on a good day!  
Since I have been in the Flare up, 2 months now.  My whole body is showing the stress of no rest.
I just want to scream and hit something hard and crash forward.. I want to break through this ..
I want a CURE.