Saturday, September 6, 2014

Day After Day One Hbot Treatment. 09/06/2014

I am sneezing, coughing, and have symptoms of a serious head cold.  My neck aches, my head aches, and my throat is irritated. I am feeling very weak from the non stop coughing attacks.  Head pounding exhaustion. And again weary looking and aging from no proper rest since July.
I don't know if the Hbot had a viral person inside it before me?  Or if I am experiencing a normal reaction?

After the first treatment yesterday, I was a bit loopy and fell asleep for four hours in the afternoon. The adventure out of my house, wore me out and depleted all my energy.  I was hoping that after 90 minutes in a Oxygen Chamber I would be feeling amazing.  This did not happen.

I have been drinking Ionix Supreme to help my throat feel better, it is not a cough syrup, but it is a healing elixir that has a lot of nutritional ingredients that will help me heal.  I have been using Ionix Supreme for eight years to assist me with inflammation and stress.

My right ear and jaw are a concern to me since the pain is still aggressively reminding me that I forgot to tell the Dr. that my ear drum was busted in the summer of 1972 or was it 1973?  I really don't remember.  But I remember the blood. I remember the flood.  I remember some.

I told the Dr I have bouts of PTSD "post traumatic stress disorder'' and not giving him detailed information, but it was from that summer and along with a broken ear drum, I was in my first coma.
I told him 2 weeks but I don't know if it was a month or 8 days?  My friend Royce told me I could get the records.. Were talking 40 plus years ago!   It always comes back to bite me.

In the intake interview Dr. Matt asked about my fillings and if I had any.. and looked into my pie hole. Seeing my left side has gold crowns.. My right side has extractions.  Remember the pain on the right side. Well about 5 years ago I had the dentist remove those molars to ease pain.  It didn't work. So if your having tooth ache pain and you have M.S.?  Keep your teeth. It is M.S.
But I have to have my gold crowns removed and replaced with porcelain on my left side.
Apparently all metal fillings are taboo. And logic dictates that since my M.S. symptoms are more intense on my right side and those gold crowns are on my left side..  I was bummed too, because I could have had porcelain crowns, but I chose gold.  My reasoning is, gold keeps value and when I die my kids can take that gold and cash it in.  Dr Matt was laughing out loud when he understood I was serious.

Questions that were asked in the intake.
When did you get your first filling?
How many mercury fillings do you have?
What accidents have you had?
What chemicals and drugs have you been exposed too.
So this all goes back to showing that if you lived in a house built before 1978 you
drank water from lead pipes.  Well I lived in Arizona and everything was lead.
So before I even got a chance to run I was toxic.
Working at Rogers Corporation with the MEK "Methyl Ethyl Ketone"  this had the Doc shaking his head right and left for at least 30 seconds.
I asked Dr Matt about marijuana and he said it was "SAFE."  Wow!
He does not know my history but I almost went to prison for 15 years because I was
associated with pot smokers.  Such a different world we live in.  There are people in prison
today because they had a rolled joint in their car or burnt little 'roach.'
Ahem, no I do not smoke pot, but I am seriously considering it to help with spasms and migraines.

Normal questions,
How much do you drink?  How much do you smoke?  When and how often.
How much water do you drink every day?  I passed this one with a HAPPY Face.

Annihilating Multiple Sclerosis!  AMS