Thursday, September 18, 2014

''When my Mom died I felt such a void that it made the Grand Canyon look like a pin-dot.'' Day After- Session Five Hbot

Yesterday, I was wondering how I was going to continue with Hbot:  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy,
I have spent all the monetary donations for the five Hbot treatments and was figuring out how I would financially manage at least one Hbot visit a week.  It is a financial obstacle. And when your not at your best, that is an added obstacle.  I got a phone call message that my yard needs manicuring, my yard? You ought to see my nails!  Right now, everything is two months behind.

Everyone assumes I reap a lot of money in Isagenix and every new entrepreneur is told to, "Fake it till you make it."  However, I haven't accrued the thousands and thousands of dollars that is part of the work at home industry.  My trained reply is:  "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."  Truthfully, it is enough to pay for my products that I personally use to fight Multiple Sclerosis. It has always been about the nutrition and how it helps me live MS free, until this past summer it has been all I have used.

For example:  Yesterday afternoon a man rang my door bell while I was recharging and my Akita barked, loudly. Then he rang it again! I thought, "Grandchild" and after three hours from a coma nap aka recharge. I roll out of my docking station, the bed, to be happy!  Happy to see my grandchild!  Only to be greeted by a solicitor selling security systems! I looked at him all EMESSEEEE and slurred something, and he continued to pitch me. Had I had my wits about me, I would have given him one of my Isagenix business cards and asked him to sign up and buy products on line!  I'm such a picture of health  ''ugggg....'' but  instead, I just bobbled up against my door jam and kept thinking '' I have a security system, my Akita.''  And had I had my wits, I would have peeked through the little tiny round peek hole that my front door has before I even opened the front door. I was feeling very Emesseeeee .. for a visual, Emesseee means I look "three sheets to the wind.''

To be honest,  if I had a lot of cash in the bank, I would be a philanthropist!  Do you ever watch the TV show Shark Tank?    I recommend at least once.

So the way Gofundme is set up;  a $100.00 dollars must be in the GFM bank before the site goes live. That first $100.00 was from me and then the first $5 was from me too.  I am looking active now and more important, the GoFundMe site is activated! What active means is the site can be found in the searches and other people will see your plea and your reasons.  It is still up to you to update and share.
Your responsible for the contents and Gofundme is responsible for approving the contents. They have denied me twice on contents and I have edited the site so many times fine tuning the grammatical. I know I keep them very busy. They're watching me!

So to date, I have spent $900.00 total for the Hbot sessions and my GFM  has not been consistent with donors.  I am in a tug-o-war on how to proceed.  I scheduled for next Wednesday a 90- minute Hbot session and I was thinking "how am I going to afford this?"  Even the extra fuel for transportation has added to the expense!  My friend and old mentor Dale Calvert told me a few years ago, "If the problem can be solved by money, it is not a problem.''

So I updated the GFM  and I borrowed a message picture that said, "Remember that woman that gave up? Neither does anyone else." and I THANKED EVERYONE for making the Five Sessions Possible.   There is a lesson here.  I chose GRATITUDE and I am THANKFUL for what I have received.  Oh and you cannot fake that, it doesn't work. It has to be pure for it to work and expectation cannot be on the mind or heart.  It is the moment of pure thankfulness that our Heavenly Father reveals extraordinary. God used Brenda Harper at this precise moment too.

Since I was inside the edit mode, I did more fine tuning and when I went to view it, I was blown away!  Brenda Harper generously donated. By generously donating I mean she paid for a weeks worth of sessions!  At first I wanted to give it back and say "Thank you, No Thank you, it is to much"  But I didn't do this.  I thanked the Lord and I cried.  Not since my Mother died have I received such a gift. Oh dear, I am going to cry again.  My Mom would have helped me with all of this and I would not be here on Gofundme.  She is the only family member that did not judge me and the only human that truly loved me unconditionally.  Okay, it is cry time.  
When my Mom died I felt such a void that it made the Grand Canyon look like a pin-dot.  There is not a day that has past since her death that she has not been in my thoughts.  I believe she is my Guardian Angel and also a Guardian Angel to all of her grand-children and great grand children.  I just know that I know.  Brenda, you made me cry and thank you very much for helping me heal.
 It is over whelming in a good way the love that I am receiving, and it has played such an amazing energy of healing too.  

Love you all!
"I love you no matter what!"
For my Mom.