Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SESSION THREE #HBOT Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Annihilate Multiple Sclerosis

ANNIHILATE!  That is the first thing Dr. Matt said to me as I entered the facility. Of course he was rewarded with the biggest cheesiest grin!  I also was making this session really count and I did not bring my cell phone into the chamber.  No chamber photo's today.  In fact, I left all things out, except for me and positive thoughts. I meditated on healing thoughts and affirmations and prayers of gratitude for everyone of you. And everyone who has helped me financially for this out of the box medical treatment.  I laugh every time I say that, ''out of the box'' because, I am climbing into a tube.

I experienced the same challenge with the stabbing pain in my right ear and lower jaw and down my neck across my eye and under it.  It really hurts.  But it is temporary and I focus on this, that the pain does stop.  Dr. Matt says that the therapy should help with this sinus issue and I think I have had this for four decades. I mentioned in a earlier post that I actually had a dentist remove one of my molars on the right side to alleviate a chronic toothache, and that was a mistake, since it did not work!  I still get tooth aches where this is no tooth. A few months later, I read in the MS magazine that it is a common complaint and people make the mistake of extracting their teeth.  Oh jeeze.  One of the important things that I am doing is drinking a lot of water all day. I am also drinking two ounces of Ionix Supreme every day, instead of one ounce that is recommended on the label.  Maybe I should dab a cotton ball with Ionix Supreme and put in my right ear?  In 1972 my right ear drum was ruptured and I am guessing this is why I have this challenge in the Hbot chamber with my right side and not my left.

As I type my whole right side, from head to toe is reacting and I work past the chaos.

 "I am healing, I can feel that I am."

A friend asked me how the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy works on Multiple Sclerosis and there is a whole book written on the topic, which I have not read, but recently heard about it.  And on my gofundme site I have posted a YouTube video from the same Miracle Doctor who opened his office to heal his patients.
"Believe in the promise of each new day and the healing, hope and beauty a single moment can hold."

Today's treatment was paid in full by my friend Gail Levine and her boyfriend, Frank Gleason.  I have only met Frank once!  What I know about Frank is he teaches at the Catholic Faith Community where he lives and has children in college.  And my friend Gail, she is a visiting Special Education Teacher, and I know she does not have many students this semester, and she is paid per student, and she has a daughter in high-school. But she insisted on giving too.  They live 100 miles apart and yet have managed to have an adventurous long term relationship, forever.  I know Frank is a keeper, because Gail would not allow any other kind in her daughters life.  So where am I going with this?

Frank and Gail thank you so much for the beautiful card, your prayers, your amazing love and support.  I cried and laughed heartily at your AMS Challenge Videos and I cried again when I got your card. I hope it is okay that I took photos and that I have posted them on my blog.  If it is not, please tell me and I can easily remove them.

I love you all!

"Believe in the promise of each new day and the healing, hope and beauty a single moment can hold."


Thank you Frank and Gail

Thank you Frank and Gail ...