Sunday, November 9, 2014

Gold Nugget by Kevin R. Phipps --10 Casting Director Tips.

Some casting tips for directors out there!  By Kevin R. Phipps

1. You can succeed as a director by casting great actors. It's one of the important steps.
2. Cast your lead before anyone else. Then adjust the rest of the casting to blend with the lead.
3. Never cast two people who have the same energy, tempo, and rhythms. 
4. Always meet with every cast member before committing to him or her. Do they see the part the same way you do? Has their appearance changed?
5. Bond with as many cast as possible. Take them out for meals; encourage them to talk about themselves. Gain insight into the way they think and what pushes their buttons.
6. Be open and accepting in auditions. Don’t play director remember how tense the actor is and relax them.
7. Auditions are also free rehearsals where the actor is very open-minded.
8. Don’t solely rely on audition tapes or footage unless you directed the actor yourself. Who knows why their performance is good or bad.
9. Casting non-actors is most successful when they are playing a character close to what they are in real life.
10. Don’t cast anyone you don’t believe in. It’s better to quit the job than have someone who makes you look bad. And you will look bad.