Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Notes from Kev

Don't you feel your worth it? I remember being younger and losing friendships due to not showing up in time or sometimes not at all. As if they didn't matter enough for me to be there. I would miss bills or procrastinate even on the littlest things... I would continually use Passive aggressive behavior and I didn't understand why life wouldn't change... I would tell myself, "but I'm a good person, why do I lose friends, jobs or I am considered unreliable?". We'll one day do to some awesome people around me, I discovered that I had no self worth... I let people walk on me or I would be afraid to express myself fully. You see when I realized this and realized that not showing up on time or doing what I say I will was not only affecting the people around me but in essence I was saying I was not worth it. I didn't deserve success or friends etc and so forth. I didn't fully love myself and so the cycle kept going. So now when I wake up I do my damndist to do what I say not only with the people around me but with myself. Every time I do, I get a rush of self worth. Is it hard? Yeah, sometimes I regress but I know enough and I care enough about myself to get up and try again. Baby steps, even if it's just i will have taken a shower by 8am. That way if you do by 7:30 bam!!!! Integrity yourself and a boost of self esteem and worth. (Nad you will smell better)  soon you'll got deadlines, you'll have better communication and you will have the money to pay your bills. So ask yourself, do you believe you are worth it?  Kev