Monday, November 17, 2014

Notes from Kev

Understanding yourself and what you want is so important in life. It helps you gauge if what you are doing or what you are going to do is worth it to you and what you really want.

In my industry I can't afford to take on projects that I don't truly believe in as a director. Every time I go against my gut in this line of work, it has caused me grief. Making movies is a huge undertaking if you want it done right. Working on something you don't believe in is only going to short change yourself and the people you work for and with.
So ask yourself do you truly have a passion for this. Will it help my future or is it a just now scenario, Is it something that you can see yourself sticking it through when the going gets rough and is it something that is worth your precious time on this planet.
Only you can answer that for yourself... Make it count!