Monday, November 17, 2014

Dear MS by Katie Thompson

''Dear MS,
Boy oh boy you sure do have a plan for me don't ya?  Look at our love/hate relationship! You have opened amazing doors for me and yet you're slowly destroying my body. How do I feel today about you? you're SELFISH and ABUSIVE with a sick twisted sense of humor. I want a DIVORCE!
You are resistant to the therapies my Dr's want me to try on you, you gave me cellulitis in 7 different injection sites and YOU want me to keep taking the risks so you can change up the rules and say, "Catch up lady! I'm here to stay! those DMMS can't help you nowwww...."
Idk if one could strangle a disease but if you had a neck, I'd THROTTLE you!! I'm tired of crying. I'm tired of feeling positive when I'm scared. Tired of not feeling like myself. I'm tired of appearing strong for appearance sake when really i am just panicked and frightened over what you're doing to me. You make me feel like a fucking fraud in front of my loved ones and those rooting for me.
I know what your plans are for me and I'm certainly going to FIGHT you until I take my last breath. Thanks to YOU, I'm declining again, all because you didn't like the ‪#‎copaxoneinjections‬. Congratulations MS, you may have control over my mind and my body but you won't see me throw in the towel. I need loved ones' support and encouragement and Patience to make it through this because you are my biggest enemy and hurdle in life. I don't CARE if this entry sounds negative. its not who I am 24/7... I'm grieving and I have that right. If someone doesnt like to hear my feelings for you as they go up and down THEY can Fuck off. I know this is the beginning of the end of my MS and despite this terrible depression you wash over me, I will not go down without a fight! Bring it on ‪#‎asshole‬''  --
Katie Thompson " A M.S. Friend I connected with on Facebook"