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Research has never isolated any infectious agent-bacterium or virus-from the brains of MS patients, so the disease is not considered contagious. Currently accepted U.S. theory is that multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease, perhaps activated by a virus and having genetic and gender components. Although current U.S. treatments are based on this model, there is no known cure.

Decades of MS Theory and No Cure

People believed MS was caused by suppression of sweat. The condition was treated with herbs and bed rest. Life expectancy after diagnosis was 5 years.
People believed MS was caused by an unknown blood toxin. It was treated with purgatives and stimulants. Life expectancy after diagnosis was 10 years.
People believed MS was caused by blood clots and poor circulation. It was treated with drugs to improve circulation. Life expectancy after diagnosis was 18 years.
People believed MS was caused by allergic reaction. It was treated with vitamins and antihistamines. Life expectancy after diagnosis was 25 years.  " VITAMINS " :-)

People believed MS was caused by an autoimmune reaction, possibly linked to a virus. It was treated with steroids and immune system regulating drugs.

''The warning and side effects from the M.S. Disease Modifying Drugs.  Liver Disease and Death. My liver enzymes went to the MOON!  And I stopped all drugs to save my liver!  I have been using Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing since 2006 for M.S. and I began HBOT at a local Dr's Office for Multiple Sclerosis Therapy..  August 2014.

Following this last theory, the immune response in MS may vary due to how quickly the body recognizes invading microbes, myelin, or other particulate ingested material as a threat and how quickly it mobilized the protective response of the endothelial cells. Endothelial cells, which line the blood vessels, are inefficient in bactericidal activity. The lymphocytes in the blood may also vary in their ability to produce the appropriate antibodies—this variability in response may explain a genetic basis for disease susceptibility, as well as how severely an individual is affected.

Advanced imaging and electrophysiologic techniques challenge the traditional concept of MS being either a relapsing/remitting disease eventually becoming progressive or a chronic progressive from the onset. Chataway’s research suggests that MS never sleeps—that it is always chronically progressive pathologically, if not clinically.

Patients who continue HBOT treatment may be able to discontinue the use of some of their other pharmaceuticals.  In my case I am only using Vitamins "ISAGENIX" and HBOT!  NONE of this is covered by any Insurance.  My friends helping me is helping me! The Disease Modifying Drugs did not help me, I experienced serious side effects. 

SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) scans, which create images showing how blood flows within the body, suggest that the central nervous system lesions from M.S. lack oxygen. In particular, much observed damage (sclerosis) appears to be focused around the small venules leading away from capillaries. The location of this damage raises one more question about the as-yet-undetermined cause of multiple sclerosis. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Has Helped ME with MS by reducing the chronic pain and allowing me to walk without assistance.  


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