Thursday, December 11, 2014

#RIP Ronin Shimizu & JESSICA CHAMBERS #justiceforJessica My heart screams!

Bullied To Death: 12-Year-Old Ronin Shimizu
"Male Cheerleader" Commits Suicide. My heart felt condolences to the Shimizu Family.

My brother is gay. One of them.  I have four baby brothers.  Had. One committed suicide on April 25, 2004.  He was not the gay brother.   My gay brother has been in a long term relationship since the 1980's.  We love his other half.  They chose not to marry when the marriage law for gays passed.  They don't need it.  They have set up their living wills and we all know they are soul mates.    But I am getting off track.  I look at this beautiful charismatic young mans photo and cry with sadness and heart break.   His death, not in vain.  His death educates and I will always think about Ronin in a very special light.  He did not deserve to feel the pain he felt from his human peers.  He did not deserve to feel the rejection.   I look at Ronin and think of Jesus Christ whom died on the cross for our sins and ask Jesus to forgive us as a whole, for Ronin's suicide.  We are why he took his own life!    I am not a gay parade type of person.  I am a person who cries for the heart ache that goes on all around us .. What can I do?  Well I can blog this so I will have it in my blog.  I can share the story.

But there are other stories that have come to me on social networking and just as horrible.  Seriously outrageously horrible!   Oh dear this is going to be one of those depressing post.. What can I say?  I have to deal with this crisis the only way I know how to.  

 19 year old girl burned alive in Mississippi

 My heart felt condolences to the Chamber Family.

''Police say Jessica Chambers was beaten. Then lighter fluid was sprayed in her mouth and nose, as well as her body. She was set on fire inside her vehicle.Firefighters say they arrived at the scene to find Jessica Chambers conscious, walking, but fully engulfed in flames. Authorities say she was burned on nearly 100% of her body. Only the bottoms of her feet were spared. She uttered a few words to paramedics before she died. Police believe she was trying to tell them who set her on fire.''

My heart screams!  
Who are these monsters?
How did they come to be?
Why are they here?
Is it because we as a whole do not live life to serve others?  Is it because we let God out of School?  Is it because a second generation of anti Christ are running loose and copulating more little anti Christ?  All these thoughts run through my mind.  Where were the parents? Where was the parenting?  Is this a generation of lost souls?  Can this generation be saved?  It is time to get fundamental on some very basic teachings.  We cannot allow our 'future' children to suffer because we are to lazy to teach them right from wrong and pass them on to the digital baby sitters.  It used to be only the television, but this generation has a whole avenue of trash to pollute their minds and soul.   I am not saying don't use the tools, look where I am!  I am on line too.   Using this to educate and to bring attention to Moms and Dads every where,  your children need your quality time, every day.   
 I have really gone all over the place on this post.  

The TEN COMMANDMENTS.. teach them.

The Lords Prayer, say it every day out loud so your children can hear you and learn it too.

Censorship everything.. You can you know, and you should.. it is your job to do this. Just like going through the big bag of candy on Halloween night.  You censor.. 
It is that important.

I appreciate you all!

Please help me annihilate ms