Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Notes from Kev.

Memorizing words is just 2 percent of the process when dealing with a script as an actor... In fact the words in themselves only involve maybe 10-20 percent of the process. You just memorize and you go... there are tons of things involved when bringing your character to life. Really talking, really listening. Did you know that acting is half listening... in other words you not just acting when you are saying your lines its the whole time. You have to breathe and bring life into your character.
I always talk about how the character doesn't act itself you do and just like you it has lived for a while so you have to bring a full life to it. It's not about "showing" the audience what anger is its about truthfully going through the scene moment by moment... Showing is another form of lying and some actors would rather show me by throwing their hands up in the air and saying this is anger!!!!, instead of truly going through that circumstance. Cause its easier and less messy for them. But you know who knows....?
The audience... they know in that special place that feels true human connection and the part that goes on that ride. So stop worrying if your line sounds right because if you are being truthful in that moment and really talking and really listening the rest will fall into place... Now this is just some of the basics of a much bigger world of performance but even the basics I see a lot of mistakes... Big hugs and love, Kevin